The purpose of the Missions Ministry is to mobilize our church and her resources for maximum, effective contribution to the Great Commission by:

  1. Exploring missions opportunities
  2. Empowering missionaries with prayers
  3. Engaging the church with missions knowledge
  4. Educating the missions teams
  5. Embracing missions effort
  6. Executing stewardship on missions fund
  7. Establishing missions policy


The scope of the Missions Ministry covers local, North American, as well as overseas missions. Definition of local missions is anywhere within the Lower Mainland.

Supported Missionaries

John Cuddeford - ISMC (UBC FOCUS Club)

John is the International Student Ministries Canada (ISMC) campus director at the University of British Columbia. He leads a team of people ministering to international students. Four years ago UBC had no official club reaching out to this group, the largest of any campus in North America - and probably the largest in the world where Christians are free to share their faith. Now his team is connecting with this group of international students through weekly Friends of Overseas College and University Students (FOCUS) Club dinners and Bible studies, events, one-to-one discipleship and church partnerships. He has been encouraged to see God bringing students and scholars to Christ and strengthening their faith. He is also partnering with various churches to pray and care for these students.


Fred Sutherland - Multiply (Local)

Fred serves as a Short-Term Mission Coordinator in Western Canada, overseeing the TREK and SOAR Vancouver programs, focused on mission, leadership, and developing the next generation of missional leaders.

P & C - Multiply (South East Asia)

P and C are involved in leadership training, church planting, and social ministry among the Khmu and Hmong people groups. Please pray for their safety as they minister close to hostile borders. May many people in this region come to know Christ through their faithfulness and leadership.

Sam Dick - Multiply (Local)

Sam serves BC churches and ministries, inviting them into Kingdom expansion and participation in ministry locally and globally through partnerships, discipleship programs, equipping events and collaborative service. His passion is to co-create pathways, together with interested churches, for individuals to encounter Jesus, discover their mission calling, and become better equipped as disciple-multipliers for their entire lives.


Tony & Sarah Brown - Multiply (Panama)

Tony and Sarah are from Williams Lake, BC.  Both of them have a passion for Mission since they were young and have participated in the Trek program organized by MB Mission.  Together with their two daughters, Violet and Rose, they are planning to serve four MB churches in and around Panama City long-term from 2017.  Serving together with MB Mission workers and national leaders, their primary focus is on discipleship among the Wounaan and Embera people.  Please pray for their young family as they transition to Panama, adjusting to a new culture, language, and community.  Please also pray that they will follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in their everyday lives and that God will raise up the next generation of missional leaders in the Panamanian church.

S&S - Multiply (Asia)

S&S work with people who live in high-altitude areas, difficult to access, and who have strong local Buddhist traditions. Less than .01% know Jesus, and there are very few church fellowships. Many languages still require Bible translation.

Supported Mission Agencies

Bible League Canada

Bible League Canada was formerly known as the Canadian Home Bible League, which was established in 1960 by John and Jo Vanderboom. Its mission is to provide Scriptures and training worldwide, so that people prepared by the Holy Spirit will be brought into relationship with Christ and His Church. Its purpose is to bring the Living Word of God into the hands of people around the world, because they believe that the world needs the Living Word of God more than anything else. The organization mentors local believers to instill the powerful gospel message within their communities through the Word of God, one-on-one/group training, and developing local champions.

Chinese Christian Mission (CCM) Canada Rural Ministry

Description: Rural Ministry is one of the four ministries within CCM Canada. The vision of this ministry is to plant churches without walls amongst the Chinese who are scattered throughout rural areas across Canada. It focuses on serving new and old immigrants, shop and restaurant owners, workers and their families. The purpose of this ministry is to reach the small towns that have no known local Chinese Christian fellowship or regular church support. Visitation teams are sent out regularly to reach these towns and villages. In addition, Christian professionals are recruited to give practical seminars to help people with their daily needs regarding health, family and business. Team members would share their faith and testimonies during their visits.

International Student Ministries Canada (ISMC)

ISMC is a Christian charitable organization incorporated in Canada and supported by partners and friends who share their vision to empower international students to impact the world through Jesus Christ. Its mission is to love international students unconditionally, partner with local churches in leading international students to discover Jesus through the Word of God, and prepare them to serve God wherever He leads them. There are currently over 110 staff and 500 volunteers actively serving in 34 cities, touching over 20,000 lives annually from the Pacific to the Atlantic. It provides a variety of programs, including welcome, friendship and hospitality, leadership training, foundation discipleship, alumni followup and ESL classes, to support and reach out to international students.

Our Daily Bread (ODB)

Our Daily Bread is a non-denominational, non-profit organization that distributes more than 60 million resources in 150 countries. It provides materials to help people grow in their relationship with God a variety of ways, including radio or television broadcast, DVD, podcast, book, mobile app, and website. Its mission is to make the life-changing wisdom of the Bible understandable and accessible to all. Its vision is to see people of all nations experiencing a personal relationship with Christ, growing to be more like Him, and serving in a local body of His family.

British Columbia Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches (BCMB)

BCMB is a family of churches who partner together to see the people of BC transformed by the good news of Jesus Christ. It strives to empower and equip churches for ministry effectiveness. It has four main purposes: 1) offers resources and tools to churches and organizations to help them reach their mission, 2) supports leadership development, 3) fosters community building, and 4) supports church planting, discipleship-making, and enables missional opportunities.

Chinese Family For Christ (CFFC)

CFFC is a family-focused, non-profit and non-denominational Christian international organization. Its mission is to preach the gospel to Chinese community and lead their families to the Lord through family ministries by laboring together with local churches. Its goal is to equip and strengthen Chinese Christian families to share the Good News and live for Christ. CFFC was started by Dr. Peter Chiu and his wife, Mrs. Josephine Chiu, in the 1990’s. The couple have been led by the Lord to promote and organize “Marriage Enrichment Retreat” (MER) throughout the world.

Lighthouse Harbor

Lighthouse Harbour Ministries was established in 1981 by a group of local Christians as the result of a vision to serve seafarers better. Its Mission Statement is: To love and honour God by serving the seafarers of the world in word and deed. This non-profit organization focuses on sharing the Gospel of Christ with the seafarers but it also provides practical/social assistance to seafarers as a response to serving the Lord. Practical assistance may include the provision of transportation (i.e. for shopping), information (directions etc.) and even the visitation of injured seafarers in hospital. There are two Seafarers's Centres in North Vancouver and the Fraser Surrey Docks, where the staff and volunteers can provide assistance, literature and recreational activities to the visiting seafarers with love, compassion and friendship.

Truth Monthly

Truth Monthly is a newspaper published by the Vancouver Chinese Christian Short-Term Mission Training Centre (VCCSTMTC), which is a non-profit Christian organization that focuses on equipping people for evangelism. Articles in the newspaper and its corresponding website include testimonies, news, evangelistic tools, devotional materials, Q&A etc.

MB Biblical Seminary

MB Biblical Seminary is part of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches.  It exists to educate and equip people, including current and future pastors, missionaries, counselors, scholars, and leaders for congregational or marketplace ministry, who will help lead the church in reaching Canada and the world with the good news of Jesus Christ.  It offers diverse courses and fully accredited degree programs that prepare people for effective leadership and ministry.  Its goal is for every student to become a passionate and committed follower of Jesus with sound doctrine and active in mission through lifelong learning and training.

Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches (CCMBC)

CCMBC is a community of about 250 diverse Mennonite Brethren (MB) congregations spread across Canada, united by Jesus Christ through the evangelical Anabaptist beliefs and values and by the mission to multiply Christ-centred churches to see Canada transformed by the good news of Jesus Christ.


Herald Monthly is a free broadsheet monthly Chinese newspaper published by the first Wednesday of the month. The first edition of Herald Monthly was published in the U.S. by Chinese Christian Herald Crusades in 1988 and the Canada West edition was published in Vancouver in 1995. Their visions and goals are i) to be a healthy, family-oriented publication for readers in the Chinese community; ii) to provide a forum for Chinese Canadians to express their views toward social issues, iii) to provide inspiration and insight to help readers face challenges and struggles in life, and iv) to uphold the Christian world view of life as a viable alternative. Currently, there are 30,000 copies circulating in Metro Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Regina, Winnipeg and other west coast cities.

VCCSTMC Marketplace

Marketplace Ministry is one of the many ministries developed by Vancouver Chinese Christian Short Term Mission Training Centre (VCCSTMTC) with the same mission slogan of "Short Term Training, Long Term Mission". Its mandate is to actively nurture "Marketplace Evangelists" through whom more Christians would witness for Christ and spread the Good News in the marketplace. It provides training, workshops, resources, support and encouragement for Christians to live out their faith at work and lead people in the marketplace to the Lord.


Leigh McGough - BC & Alberta Regional Director.  The McGough family is excited to join the AWANA BC team this summer!

Leo Mak - BC Regional Missionary.  As a representative from Awana, Uncle Leo partners with local churches and Pastors to reach more children, youth and their parents with the Love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Job Lee - Advocate for British Columbia & BC Camp Registrar.  Job works on the national website and plan events.

Joshua Kim & Lisa Lee - Advocates for BC Korean Church Care

Missions Fest

Missions Fest is the largest annual mission conference in North America where over 10,000 gather on a weekend.  Their vision is for there to be a vibrant, transformative Church where all Christians take their place in mission according to their unique calling, knowledge, skills and gifts!  At the conference, participants can engage with over 250 mission agencies, learn from missional experts in Mini-Conference and Seminars, watch films at the Film Festival, etc.  The goal of Missions Fest is to inform people about the needs around the world, encourage them with what God has been doing through His people and challenge them to be a part of God’s mission.