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1. Building Development Committee (BDC): Last month, BDC had been calling the COR regarding the application status of Environmentally Sensitive Area Development Permit (ESADP) and had finally received an eight-page letter reply on Jun 27.  The letter requested extra detailed information for the relevant lot and future building; clarification on […]

Building Committee Monthly Briefing on 17 July, 2016

Building Committee Monthly Briefing – June 1. Building Development Committee (BDC) is still waiting for the revised Church Exterior Drawing from Architect. 2. Project Schedule Update //  a. Still waiting for City of Richmond (COR) to approve our Environmentally Sensitive Area Development Permit (ESADP) application, which had been submitted at […]

Building Committee Monthly Briefing (June)

We want to encourage brothers/sisters to sign up for prayer walk for the building project.  Here are the details: WHY? Prayer walking is the practice of praying on location, a type of intercessory prayer that involves walking to or near a particular place while praying. Being close to the community […]

Prayer Walk Signup