Prayer / Family News / Church Activities (December 26, 2021)


  1. Speakers next week: Pastor George (Joint Service), Pastor Will (Interpreter).
  2. For the Church: Pray for the Lord’s mercy and wisdom.
  3. For One Another: (a) For William Liu and family. Pray for the Lord’s guidance.  (b) Pray for the Lord’s healing on Jerome & Amy after the car accident.  (c) For Vinson’s rehab, and pray for the family as well.
  4. Building Project: The safety of the workers and the completion of the project in 10-12 months.
  5. Community: Pray for the protection against the COVID-19, and pray for the government leaders as well as the essential workers.



  1. Welcome everyone to join our in-person/online worship.
  2. Friendly Reminder: Please refrain from gathering inside the building after service due to the COVID safety protocol.
  3. 2021 Offering: The cut-off date for cheque offering is today (December 26th) and e-Transfer offering is December 30th.
  4. Department: Elvin Lam will resign the department servant leader of Sound-Visual department and worship team for personal reasons.  The effective date is December 31st, 2021.  The new department servant leader of SV department is Daniel Yeung.
  5. Department: Connie Yan resigned the department servant leader of Worship (Chinese) and worship team due to personal reasons.  The new department servant leader of Worship (Chinese) is Andrew Law.
  6. New Worship Service Arrangement: In response to the severity of the COVID-19 situation, Sunday services will be held online in January.  The audio-visual team, worship team, and the speaker will host the live broadcast from McNair Secondary School.  For the rest, please join the worship online at home.  Future arrangements will be announced by the end of January.
  7. Sunday Prayer Meetings will be held online from 10am to 10:40am in January.  The Zoom link will be posted on the fellowship Facebook groups.
  8. Next Sunday Joint Service (January 2nd) will be held online at 11am.  Next joint service is on February 27th.
  9. Communion Next Week: Let us prepare our hearts and souls and minds for the Lord.  To observe Communion at home, please solemnly prepare unleavened bread/skyflakes/bread pieces, and grape juice before the service next Sunday.  Here is the link to an unleavened bread recipe:
  10. Administrative Staff: Brittany is on vacation from December 1st, 2021 to January 3rd, 2022, inclusive.
  11. EM Sunday Classes: The new classes for the Winter Term will start on January 9th with the topic on Bible Survey: Wisdom Literature.  Every Sunday at 10am.
  12. EM Townhall Meeting, on January 9th, to share the vision and plans in 2022.



  1. EM Gatherings (Zoom):
    • EPIC Fellowship (Teens; Fridays at 7:30p) – (On Discord)
    • Thrive Fellowship (College to Age 24; Fridays at 7:30p) – 384 693 6909
    • SFF (Young Career; Fridays at 7:30p) – 834 6473 7645
    • EM Sunday Classes (Sundays at 9:00a) – 384 693 6909
    • Church Prayer Meeting (Sundays at 10:00a) – 856 2543 7806
    • EM Worship (Sundays at 11:00 a) – 384 693 6909
  1. City of Richmond Adopt-A-Street Program – ON HOLD due to the rise of COVID: We have adopted Beckwith Road where our new church site is at. Let us keep the area clean and safe through garbage picking and snow shovelling during snow seasons.  This activity will be ongoing every two weeks (on either Saturdays or Sundays).  Please sign up at  If you have any questions, please contact William KC Chan or Gabriel Lai.
  2. Prayer Walks – ON HOLD due to the rise of COVID: By encouraging support in the church building and care for our community, the church will hold prayer walks.  Brothers and sisters can participate individually or with fellowship and groups.  Please contact William KC Chan or Gabriel Lai sign-up or any questions.



  1. First Virtual Canada Chinese Christian Winter Conference will be held on December 31st, 2021 – January 2nd, 2022.  Theme: Refresh Recharge Renew.  The conference is free, but you need to register!  There will be 4 tracks: English Adult, Cantonese, Teens and Children.  The Children Track will be held on December 27th & 28th, 2021.  Details or registration: (Poster)