Prayer / Family News / Church Activities (August 22, 2021)


  1. Speakers next week: Pastor William Liu (English), Wilson Chan (Chinese).
  2. For the Church: (a) Give thanks for BCMB Pastor Denis Federau and his daughter Rebecca for a successful kidney transplant.  (b) Pray for Andrew Law recovery from surgery after the bike accident and his family.  (c) Pray for Mrs. So (Philip So’s mother) recovery from pelvic fracture after the fall and pacemaker surgery; Pray for Philip and family.  (d) Pray for the Lord’s healing on Jerome & Amy after the car accident.  (e) Allen Lam’s father: Pray for his health and the follow-up.  (f) Pray for Vinson’s physio / rehab, and pray for the family as well.
  3. Funeral: Tiffany and Gabriel Ma’s grandmother rested in the Lord on August 11th with the funeral held last Thursday.  Please uplift the families in prayers.
  4. Deacon Election: Pray for the Deacon Nominating Committee that God-fearing people will be nominated.
  5. EPIC Camp: Pray for the teens camp on Sept 3rd to 6th at Loon Lake.  Pray for the planning, arrangement and safety and the speaker, Pastor Jon Luesink.
  6. Building Project: Blueprints are completed, and site cleaning and construction starts in August.  Pray for the completion of the project in 10-12 months.
  7. Our Country: Pray for the federal election on September 20th.
  8. Community: Pray for the protection against the COVID-19, and pray for the government leaders as well as essential workers.
  9. National(a) Pray for peace, comfort and hope for those crushed by the devastating earthquake in Haiti.  (b) Pray for Afghanistan.



  1. Welcome everyone to join our online worship.
  2. Pastoral Itinerary: Pastor Will is on vacation on August 21st and August 23rd to August 26th, inclusive.
  3. Online Giving: When you e-transfer a donation to, please remember to set safe yet simple security questions. Should you have any questions, contact Deacon May Ng.
  4. Prayer Walks: By encouraging support in the church building and care for our community, the church will hold prayer walks. Brothers and sisters can participate individually or with fellowship and groups.  Please contact William KC Chan at for sign-up or any questions.
  5. RPGMBC In-person Worship Survey Results: 57 (74%) will join; 20 (26%) will not join. In-person Gatherings COVID 19 Safety Plan, please refer to



  1. EM Gatherings Zoom Meeting ID’s:
    1. EPIC Fellowship (Teens; Fridays at 7:30p) – (On Discord)
    2. Thrive Fellowship (College to Age 24; Fridays at 7:30p) – 384 693 6909
    3. SFF (Young Career; Fridays at 7:30p) – 834 6473 7645
    4. EM Sunday Classes (Sundays at 9:00a) – 384 693 6909
    5. EM Prayer Meeting (Sundays at 10:15a) – 384 693 6909
    6. EM Worship (Sundays at 11:00 a) – 384 693 6909
  2. Home-made Cloth Face Mask: Church and family members/neighbours/friends can share the love by ordering via the following link:
  3. City of Richmond Adopt-A-Street Program: We have adopted Beckwith Road where our new church site is at. Let us keep the area clean and safe through garbage picking and snow shovelling during snow seasons.  This activity will be ongoing every two weeks (on either Saturdays or Sundays).  The next event will be garbage picking on August 28th, 5PM.  Please sign up at  If you have any questions, please contact William KC Chan