Prayer / Family News / Church Activities (July 18, 2021)


  1. Speakers next week: Walton Pang (English), Wilson Chan (Chinese).
  2. For the Church: (a) Mrs. So (Philip So’s mother) has a pelvic fracture after the fall last Tuesday and had a pacemaker surgery on Thursday; Pray for her recovery and for Philip and family.  (b) Pray for the Lord’s healing on Jerome & Amy after the car accident.  (c) Allen Lam’s father: Pray for his health and the follow-up.  (d) Pray for Vinson’s physio / rehab, and pray for the family as well.
  3. Funeral: Mrs. Luk (Betty Wang’s mother) rested in the Lord yesterday.  Let us keep the family in prayers.
  4. Reopening: The board is planning to reopen in-person services (with hybrid as start) at McNair High School in the Fall.  Pray for wisdom on the safety planning.
  5. Building Project: For the finalization of the blueprints and pray that construction can start soon.
  6. Our country: Bill C-6 is passed in the House of Commons and waiting for the approval from the Senate.  Pray that the Lord give the senators the fear of Him and wisdom.  May God have mercy on our nation.
  7. Community: Pray for the protection against the COVID-19, and pray for the government leaders as well as essential workers.


  1. Welcome everyone to join our online worship.
  2. British Columbia Wildfires: We encourage you to make a donation to the BC Fires Appeal.  You can send your donation via Canadian Red Cross at  Pray for the residents of Lytton and area.
  3. Deacon Nominating Committee (DNC) 2021 has been set up: two current deacons – Alice Tsung and Gabriel Fung, two members – Lana Chan and Gabriel Lai, and appointed pastor – Pastor Will.  According to the bylaws, each term of a deacon is two years.  After the first term, a deacon can be re-elected for a second term, after which, a one-year break is required.  Among the five existing deacons, Gabriel Fung will finish his two terms of four years and Mee Leng Kee will finish her one term of two years.  Hence, we will need to elect two new deacons to the Board of Deacons in 2022.  Pray for the DNC, and pray to the Lord for committed leaders to respond to the calling as deacons to serve alongside with the pastors.  Deacon nomination has now started.  Instructions for nomination: Before July 25th, email to Pastor Will ( with the name of the nominee and the names of the two nominators.  Once the email has been received, the DNC will confirm the nominators.
  4. Storage Place: As Pastor Will is planning to downsize, the church furniture and equipment need to be moved out by the end of July.  If brothers and sisters have a place for the church to store furniture and equipment temporarily, please contact Deacon Pearl Lin (pearl.c.w.lin at


  1. EM Gatherings Zoom Meeting ID’s:
    1. EPIC Fellowship (Teens; Fridays at 7:30p) – (On Discord)
    2. Thrive Fellowship (College to Age 24; Fridays at 7:30p) – 384 693 6909
    3. SFF (Young Career; Fridays at 7:30p) – 834 6473 7645
    4. EM Sunday Classes (Sundays at 9:00a) – 384 693 6909
    5. EM Prayer Meeting (Sundays at 10:15a) – 384 693 6909
    6. EM Worship (Sundays at 11:00 a) – 384 693 6909
  2. Home-made Cloth Face Mask: Church and family members/neighbours/friends can share the love by ordering via the following link:
  3. City of Richmond Adopt-A-Street Program: We have adopted Beckwith Road where our new church site is at.  Let us keep the area clean and safe through garbage picking and snow shovelling during snow seasons.  Due to social distancing and government’s restriction, the event has been postponed until further notice.  If you have any questions, please contact William KC Chan.