Prayer and Family News (June 21, 2020)


  1. Speakers next week: Missionary Jonathan Lueskin (English), Pastor George (Chinese).
  2. Missionary PK (Asia): Due to the pandemic, PK has to stay on the other side of the river.  Give thanks that he has had many chances to visit and encourage numerous villages during such a hard time.  As the border is opening soon, PK will soon be able to come home.  Pray for safety.
  3. Missionaries Tony and Sarah Brown (Panama): After much prayers, the Browns will complete their assignment in Panama and move back to BC in the summer.  Pray for the transition and discernment for the next assignment with Multiply.
  4. For the church: (a) For Vinson recovery.  Pray for Rowena, Oscar, Tiffany, and Vinson’s parents.  (b) Katherine Lam, and Natalie (Loratta Tin’s daughter), pray for a smooth pregnancy.  (c) For the people whose jobs are affected by the pandemic.  Also, pray for the brothers and sisters looking for jobs.
  5. For the Cloth Face Mask Team: Needs of workers and collection of materials, and to have enough masks for those in need.
  6. Building Project: Pray for the Building Permit to be issued shortly.
  7. Community: (a) Pray for the protection against the COVID-19, especially since the cities are moving to Phase 3.  (b) For the comfort upon Mr. George Floyd’s family, and all the people affected by the riots in different cities.  Pray for justice and mercy from the Lord.


  1. Happy Father’s Day! Welcome everyone to join our online worship.
  2. Next Week Sunday Prayer Meeting (June 28th, 10am): We will have Missionary Jonathan Lueskin (Avant Ministries) to share with us his current ministries in Canada and the work in Czech.
  3. Pastoral News: William Liu will join the church’s pastoral team starting in July.  Pastor William Liu will focus on Chinese cell groups and the ministry of Chinese young couples.  Let us pray for William and family on their calling to the new ministries.  May the Lord bless them and bless the church.
  4. Deacon Nominating Committee (DNC) 2020 has been set up: two current deacons – Eric Cheung and Clara Chew, two members – Paul Lam and Hilda Wong, and Senior Pastor George Siu.  According to the bylaws, each term of a deacon is two years.  After the first term, a deacon can be re-elected for a second term, after which, a one-year break is required.  Among the five existing deacons, three of the deacons (Eric Cheung, Clara Chew, and William WL Chan) will finish their two terms of four years.  Hence, we will need to elect three new deacons to the Board of Deacons in 2021.  Pray for the DNC, and pray to the Lord for committed leaders to respond to the calling as deacons to serve alongside with the pastors.  Deacon nomination has now started.  Instructions for nomination: Before July 5th, email to Pastor George ( with the name of the nominee and the names of the two nominators.  Once the email has been received, the DNC will confirm the nominators.

  1. Building Fund Faith Pledge will end on June 30th.  As of June 13th, we have received $14,153.29.  Pledge commitment: $69,100.  Pledge target: $250,000.
  2. Cloth Face Mask team: If you are interested in helping, contact Becky Hui or Deborah Wong or the church office (  The team has produced 180 masks so far.  Order through your group leaders or here  Phase 2 Targets: all brothers & sisters of RPGMBC and family members/neighbours/friends.

  1. EM Gatherings –
    • Prayer Meetings: 8pm on Wednesdays, Zoom ID: 384 693 6909.
    • SFF (Career): 7:30pm on Fridays, Zoom ID: 843 7100 7543.
    • Thrive Fellowship (College): 7:30pm on Fridays, Zoom ID: 8375 741 1707.
    • EPIC Fellowship (Teens): 7:30pm on Fridays, Zoom ID: TBD.
    • Pre- and Post-Service Hangouts: 10:45am on Sundays, Zoom ID: 384 693 6909.
    • In addition, to help you engage in worshipping Jesus, sermon details are posted on the EM Facebook on Saturdays and post-sermon application reflection questions are posted after. Check it out regularly: