Prayer and Family News (May 24, 2020)


  1. Speakers next week: Pastor John Cuddeford (English), Pastor George (Chinese).
  2. For Missionaries: (a) Give thanks that the Khmu villages in Northern Thailand are still safe from the pandemic. Pray for the churches adjusting to online worship.  (b) Steve & Sus (originally in Asia): they are transitioning to Bible translation projects and mentoring within Multiply (i.e. MB Mission).  Pray for the new ministries as well as the moving.
  3. For the church: (a) Give thanks that the condition of Pastor Will’s dad has improved. (b) Vinson is in Rehab Unit; pray for Rowena, Oscar, Tiffany, and Vinson’s parents.  (c) Katherine Lam, and Natalie (Loratta Tin’s daughter), pray for a smooth pregnancy.  (d) For the people whose jobs are affected by the pandemic.  Also, pray for the brothers and sisters looking for jobs.
  4. Building Project: Pray for the Building Permit to be issued shortly.
  5. Community: Pray for the protection against the COVID-19, especially since the cities are slowly reopening. May God give the government leaders, health officials, and church shepherds wisdom to lead at such a special time.  Especially pray for the health care workers.



  1. Welcome everyone to join our online worship.
  2. Next Week Sunday Prayer Meeting (May 31st, 10am): We will have Pastor John Cuddeford (ISMC, UBC FOCUS Club) to share with us his ministry and the struggles of the international students community.
  3. Missions Department: Many outreach activities have been suspended due to COVID-19. Yet, we can still care for our neighbors through different deeds.  In order to pass on the love and caring that Lord has given us, the Missions Department is recruiting a team to produce reusable masks.  If you are interested and/or if you have any materials you can donate, please contact Becky Hui or Deborah Wong or the church office.
  4. EM Mid-Week: We have online prayer meetings on Wednesday evenings at 8pm. There is a devotional sharing and we will uplift the church body together.  There are also mid-week videos shared by Pastor Will.  Check out the RPG EM Facebook group for any updates:  In addition, in order to help you engage in worshipping Jesus, sermon details are posted on Saturdays and post-sermon application reflection questions are posted after.