Prayer and Family News (May 3, 2020)


  1. Speakers next week: Missionary Pat Schmidt (English), Rev. Ruth Liu (Chinese).
  2. For Missionaries Tony & Sarah Brown (Panama). Give thanks they are doing well.  Pray for the Wounaan brothers and sisters who lost their jobs/income, are running out of money or even food due to the fairly severe lockdown restrictions there.
  3. For the church: (a) Pastor Will’s dad has fever due to ear infection. He is still in the stroke unit.  Pray for the action of the antibiotics, and his strength and mind.  (b) Juliana’s mom has shingles on her ear.  Pray for her recovery.  (c) Praise the Lord that Vinson Yik is improving really well.  Pray for his exercises with the physiotherapists; pray for Rowena, Oscar, Tiffany, and Vinson’s parents. (d) Katherine Lam, pray for a smooth pregnancy.  (e) For the people whose jobs are affected by the pandemic.
  4. Building Project: Pray for the Building Permit to be issued shortly.
  5. Community: (a) Pray for the protection against the COVID-19. May God give the government leaders, health officials, and church shepherds wisdom to lead at such a special time.  Especially pray for the health care workers.  Here are 20 prayer ideas:  (b) Pray for Nova Scotia.  Pray that the peace and love of the Lord upon the families impacted by the shooting incident.


  1. Welcome everyone to join our online worship.
  2. All Gatherings Online: (a) Sunday services online: see (b) EM Prayer Meetings: We uplift our government officials, health workers, and brothers/sisters through prayer meetings on Wednesdays at 8:00pm via Zoom (Meeting ID: 384-693-6909).  (c) Fellowships Online at 7:30pm Fridays; Check out  (d) Let us connect together via Zoom lives before and after worship services.  Zoom live starts at 10:45am, with Meeting ID: 861-1041-9104.  (e) Tithes & Offering: (i) Online (e-Transfer or, (ii) Cheques, drop off at the church office (Unit 1160, 21331 Gordon Way) on Fridays.  Please call the office prior to your arrival.  Visit for instructions.
  3. Missions Department: Many outreach activities have been suspended due to COVID-19.  Yet, we can still care for our neighbors through different deeds.  In order to pass on the love and caring that Lord has given us, the Missions Department is recruiting a team to produce reusable masks.  If you are interested, please contact Becky Hui or Deborah Wong or the church office.
  4. #StayHome. We need to flatten the curve together by staying home and keeping the social distance.