Building Committee Monthly Briefing on 16 September 2018

1.  Building Development Committee (BDC):

1.1    On August 11th, Walkathon fundraising event was held at Garry Point Park with more than 70 brothers and sisters participating.  A total amount of $ 18,554 was raised.

2.  Project Schedule Update:

2.1    Our Development Permit Application had been approved with some conditions at COR “Development Permit Panel” meeting on 16 May 2018.  COR’s Legal Department had provided information on the “Land Title” description and the preparation of “Letter of Credit” to our Lawyer.  The relevant legal documents are already in preparation.  Upon the satisfaction of the above conditions, COR will issue the formal “Development Permit” to us.  At the same time, our Project Team’s professionals have completed the Construction Drawings required for BP Application and submitted to COR’s Engineering Departments for approval.  If everything goes well, the estimated completion date is about 8 months after the issue of Building Permit (BP).

2.2    “Site Cleaning and Grubbing” work to our new church site will be commence at the end of September and complete by early October.

3.  Prayer Requests:

3.1    Let us all pray for the unity of our church;

3.2    Pray for church leaders, Building Development Committee (BDC) and the Professionals for this project, may God provide them with wisdom to carrying out this project;

3.3    Pray that our Lawyer will well prepare the “Land Title” and “Letter of Credit” legal documents to COR and they will issue the formal “Development Permit” to us shortly.

3.4    Pray for the City of Richmond (COR), for them to review and approve our building permit applications, as well as ongoing communication with COR staff.

3.5    Pray for God to prepare construction cost, pledge, main contractor and tradespersons for this project.