Building Committee Monthly Briefing on 15 Jan 2017


Jesus said: “but I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself.”  (John 12:32)

1. Building Development Committee  (BDC):

1.1       In December last year, Building Development Committee  (BDC ) received the latest design drawings from architect.  In addition to a small part of the place still need to be modified, the BDC generally accepted the latest design.  The exterior elevations and floor plan have been posted on the notice board for your information.

1.2       The BDC Promotion Team has begun to prepare a Booklet with the aim of making more people aware, understand, support  and participate.  We expect it will be completed by the end of March. To cope with the Promotion Team’s future work, we are now recruiting brothers and sisters.

2. Project Schedule Update:

2.1       Still waiting for the City of Richmond to approve our applications for Building & Development Permit.  Therefore, the actual completion date will be approximately eight months after all permits has been granted.

3. Prayer Requests:

a          Let us all pray for the unity of our church ;

b          Pray for church leaders , Building Development Committee (BDC) and the Professionals for this project , may God provide them with wisdom to carrying out this project ;

c          Pray for the City of Richmond (COR), for them to review and approve our building permit  applications ;

d          Pray for the BDC Promotion Team, may God rise up brothers and sisters to join, provide them with wisdom to prepare the Booklet & future promotions;

e          Pray for God to prepare main contractor and tradespersons for this project.