Building Committee Monthly Briefing on 17 July, 2016

1. Building Development Committee (BDC):

Last month, BDC had been calling the COR regarding the application status of Environmentally Sensitive Area Development Permit (ESADP) and had finally received an eight-page letter reply on Jun 27.  The letter requested extra detailed information for the relevant lot and future building; clarification on some application details, and their quotation of the public utility construction fees on Beckwith Road, and etc. After the BDC meeting, BDC had then contacted BCMBC, the Architect, Engineers, Lawyer, and all related parties to handle the relevant subject matter, aiming to revert COR by the end of July.

 2. Project Schedule Update :

2.1 Structural engineers has started the foundation design. The candidates for mechanical engineer and electrical engineer have been confirmed, but the selection of civil engineer is still in progress.

2.2 In response to COR’s letter , construction progress certainly will be delayed; because of the  unexpected public utility construction fee, our construction budget will be overrun inevitably. Therefore, the actual completion date will be approximately eight months after all permits has been granted.

3 Prayer Requests: 

a. Let us all pray for the unity of our church;

b. Pray for church leaders and Building Development Committee (BDC), may God provide them the with wisdom to carrying out this project ;

c. Pray for the City of Richmond (COR), for them to review and approve our building permit applications ;

 d. Pray for God to prepare the professionals, contractor and trades persons for this project.

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