Building Committee Monthly Briefing (June)

Building Committee Monthly Briefing – June

1. Building Development Committee (BDC) is still waiting for the revised Church Exterior Drawing from Architect.

2. Project Schedule Update //

 a. Still waiting for City of Richmond (COR) to approve our Environmentally Sensitive Area
Development Permit (ESADP) application, which had been submitted at the end of last year. BDC
had inquired David Brown (COR Planner who is in charge of our permit application) and he replied
that our application has been circulating in the Engineering and Traffic Control Department for
comment. Few month ago, Engineering Department raised their concern about the water flow and
required us to submit engineer report for that. COR received our engineering report for this and
review it together with their capital project ( water main upgrade in the area). According to David,
up to this moment, he doesn’t have any feedback from these two Departments.b. Thanks to our Lord who listen to our prayers , we have assigned a Structural Engineer for our project. Employment of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers are anticipated to finalize by the end of this month. We are still waiting for the ESA DP approval from City of Richmond(COR), once we acquire the ESA DP, we will submit our Building Permit (BP) to the City of Richmond (COR). Certain delay is expected in this stage, expected completion date would be approximately 8 months after issue of ESA DP.

3. Prayer Requests:

a Let us all pray for the unity of our church;

b Pray for church leaders and Building Development Committee (BDC), may God provide them the with wisdom to carrying out this project ;

c Pray for the City of Richmond (COR), for them to review and approve our building permit applications ;

d Pray for God to prepare the professionals, contractor and tradespersons for this project.