Building Committee Monthly Briefing

1. The Architect designed the church exterior and submitted to Building Development Committee  (BDC) for comments on the 4th of April.  After discussion, Building Development Committee  gave recommendations to the Architect to follow up.
2. Project Schedule Update
    a. Still waiting for City of Richmond to approve our Environmentally Sensitive Area Development Permit (ESADP) application and expected to receive the result before the end of May 2016.
    b. We have difficulty looking for Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers for our project.  Once we have appointed the Engineers, we will submit our Building Permit (BP) by the end of June to City of Richmond (COR).  Two months after we receive the ESADP, construction work is anticipated to commence in August.  We try to stick to our plan and complete the construction by Feb 2017.
    c. If you have contact with any professional engineers who is registered and authorized in B.C., please contact Building Development Committee  (BDC).
Prayer Requests


    a. Let us all pray for the unity of our church ; 

    b. Pray for our Building Development Committee  (BDC), to provide the committee with wisdom in carrying out this project ;  

    c. Pray for City of Richmond (COR) to review and approve our building permit applications ;  


    d. Pray for God to prepare the professionals, contractor and tradespersons for this project.