1.  Project Schedule Update: 1.1  COR Planner David verbally reply us that our application is now under City Manager final review.  If City Manager has no further comment, he will arrange our Application for discussion at COR “Development Permit Panel” meeting on May 16.  David will reply to confirm our […]

Building Committee Monthly Briefing on 15 Apr 2018

1. Building Development Committee (BDC): 1.1 Deacon Board & BDC had a meeting with Pastor Denis ( MBBC) in February regarding the increased construction cost. The meeting was good, positive & constructive. BDC will submit our Loan Application to MBBC for approval in March 2018. 1.2 Promotion Team had started […]

Building Committee Monthly Briefing on 18 Mar 2018

“LIFT UP THE NAME OF JESUS!” Jesus said: “but I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself.”  (John 12:32) 1. Building Development Committee  (BDC): 1.1       In December last year, Building Development Committee  (BDC ) received the latest design drawings from architect.  […]

Building Committee Monthly Briefing on 15 Jan 2017